PhenomENON / Unlikely Heroes on Music City Radio

“If I’m just at home and I’m listening to some beats and I write a song, there will be some songs that I feel like ‘this will probably translate really well into live’. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll record it as myself, but I know the band will play it… and there are some songs that […]

SFSounds’ Editor-In-Chief Chris Weir on Music City Radio

San Francisco has a rich history of publications dedicated to arts and culture. Over the past few decades, however, cultural displacement within the city coupled with a massive decline in the newspaper industry have left San Francisco starving for an alternative to the Chronicle for coverage and promotion of local music events. Rather than search for the next big thing, […]

Music City Radio interviews French Girls

“We have a lot of arguments that are hours long about bands that someone will like that everyone else hates and it’ll just go back and forth and it just makes everyone really specific about what they like about certain songs or certain sounds” Coming out of the small town of Willits, CA, French Girls displays so […]

Music City Radio interviews Canadian band Doomsquad

    “It’s definitely a concept band but that also lessens the integrity of it. So it’s pretty organic, but I think mainly it’s our attempt at making music that’s outside the structures of aesthetic music like pop music that’s digestible and fun but it’s a product, commercialized and sold. So we’re trying to make […]

Music City Radio Interviews Delphi Freeman

“When you first start out you definitely don’t want to share anything, it’s super vulnerable and raw. I started writing when I was thirteen; me and my family were going through a hard time and it was kind of like therapy. I never, ever thought of writing music before. My sister had gotten a publishing […]


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